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The NEW 2024 Ford Ranger – Vicki Butler-Henderson’s Verdict

Watch Vicki Butler-Henderson give her verdict on the new 2024 Ford Ranger.

A global pickup for a worldwide brand, in this review, Vicki Butler-Henderson talks us through the brand-new Ford Ranger. The Ranger is one of the world’s best-selling pickup trucks and holds the title of Australia’s top selling vehicle.

With prices starting at circa £28,000 for the single cab variant, right up to £50,000 for the spec topping Ranger Raptor, Ford have provided plenty of options for an array of customers.

Specification Checklist

Single Cab (One Engine Option)
• 170ps / 405Nm | 6-speed manual 4WD
• Overall consumption rating of 34mpg

Double Cab (Three Engine Options)
• 170 – 202ps / 405 – 600Nm
• Overall consumption rating of 21 - 34 mpg
• 0 – 62 mph ranges from 7.9 – 11.6 seconds

Design and Exterior

The new Ranger has the longest wheelbase it has ever had measuring up to 3.27 metres. Height is a prominent feature too with the Ranger standing 1.88 metres (double cab, Wildtrak variant as reviewed in the video) which is taller than the biggest Range Rover.

Parking the Ranger could be quite a squeeze in UK car parks, with the standard parking space measuring 2.5 metres x 5.0 metres. If you parked the Ranger perfectly in the centre of a space with those dimensions, there would be just 14.6 centimetres on either side of the pickup to manoeuvre in and out of the car!

Ford Ranger BTS (1)


Ford have absolutely packed the new Ranger with features to help drivers ‘tackle anything’ – the strapline Ford have aptly given to this version of their illustrious pickup. The flatbed comes equipped with a 400 W 12 V/240 V socket to power plenty of options such as fridges, tools, and general battery charging.

A revamped bedliner design for this iteration of the Ranger comes with functional divider locators allowing owners to compartmentalise the area to secure large and smaller cargo. A nifty feature is the rear box step (only for the XLT variant and above) which assists you to access the bed with ease. Securing the compartment couldn’t be easier as Ford have integrated a roller shutter which can be operated with the push of a button on the key, or from the cabin.

An integrated electric trailer brake controller has been introduced by Ford to ensure smooth and effective trailer braking. It works by ensuring the braking pressure of the towing vehicle is proportionately adjusted for the trailer’s electric brakes to help avoid lockups.

The NEW 2024 Ford Ranger – Vicki Butler-Henderson’s Verdict

Wheels & Tyre Talk

The Ranger Vicki reviews in the video is equipped with the Goodyear Wrangler Territory HT tyre in the size 255/65 R18. The summer tyre provides confident traction for on road and mild off-road conditions. Deep tread grooves paired with reinforced construction lend itself to the ability to tackle the demands of a variety of road conditions.

There are four different wheel options for the Ranger, ranging from 16” steel wheels which come as standard on the XL variant up to 20” asphalt black matt alloys which are an option for the range topping Wildtrak variant.


Ford have upped the pickup interior game with new features that you would find in a luxury SUV. An LCD cluster display with high-resolution touchscreen paired with wireless charging for QI enabled devices i.e. mobile phones are just some of the features. Owners can benefit from the integration of Apple CarPlay and the Ford Sync 4A system which can be prompted by touch or voice commands. The system can also pair to your smartphone through Bluetooth allowing you to make hands free calls and dictate text messages.

If you opt for the double cab bodystyle, there is plenty of leg room for rear seated passengers and for taller members of the family or friends, there is enough headroom reaching approximately 38 inches.

Engines & Driving Modes

The Ranger is available in four different engine types:
• 2.0L EcoBlue 170 PS (405Nm) 6-speed manual 4WD
• 2.0L EcoBlue 205 PS (500Nm) 10-speed automatic e-4WD
• 3.0L EcoBlue 240 PS (600Nm) 10-speed automatic e-4WD
• 3.0L EcoBoost 292 PS (491Nm) 10-speed automatic e-4WD

The Wildtrak model that Vicki has in her review has a diesel 3.0L V6 engine which has 240 PS that will go from 0-62mph in 8.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 111 mph.

Drivers of the Ranger can select different driving modes (Normal, Eco, or Slippery) to aid the car with its ‘go anywhere’ capability. The Ranger also comes with a terrain management system which adjusts the engine calibration response, transmission, and vehicle control systems for various terrains and conditions. There are four modes you can choose from: Normal, Slippery, Mud & Roots, and Sand.

Ford Ranger BTS (3)

Vicki’s Verdict

“From fields to building sites the Ranger is bursting with features to give you a hand”.

Vicki finishes her review by stating that the new Ford Ranger offers versatility for most businesses and hobbies. Fond memories - being described as a “great addition to the family” - of a previous generation Ranger Raptor owned by Vicki was used to ferry family around, dogs, bikes, inflatable canoes and more. Vicki has also put the ‘tackle anything’ mantra of the Ranger to the test by experimenting with it to see if it could jump (watch the video to see the results!). It is fair to say that the Ford Ranger is a truly versatile pickup that families and businesses should consider when looking at a vehicle that really can tackle anything.

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