Review Terms and Guidelines

DriverReviews, is operated by Limited (Company Number SC224310) whose registered office is at Tanfield, Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 5DA ("DriverReviews").These terms and guidelines apply to reviews submitted to DriverReviews following a purchase from DriverReviews’ partners (“Partners”). The collected reviews are further published on any Partners’ platforms  (each a “Platform”). See further possible uses of reviews below in section “Rights you are giving us to use submitted Reviews”.

There is no obligation on you to provide any review.

Who can submit reviews?

Reviews and comments collected by DriverReviews, including all text, information, photographs, videos, comments and ratings (collectively, “Reviews”) can only be submitted by purchasers of products and/or services that we can confirm have genuinely made a purchase (each a “Verified Purchasers”). We encourage the sharing of authentic and helpful Reviews by Verified Purchasers. Only one Review can be submitted for each tyre size purchased in a single transaction.

Are Reviews anonymous?

All Reviews published on a Platform are published anonymously. In the background DriverReviews can link your Review to your order for a product and/or service purchased on one of our partner Platforms; this is just so that DriverReviews can confirm that you are a Verified Purchaser.

The make, model and age of your vehicle, include the make, model and size of tyre purchased will be displayed alongside your review. This helps other users and potential purchasers make a more informed choice about their purchase.

Your name and personal details, including your registration number will never be shared publicly. Please do not include any personal information in your Review. Your personal data collected by DriverReviews (your email address) are stored only during the Review collection process and removed afterwards (please see details in the Privacy Policy).

Does DriverReviews approve Reviews?

Reviews are provided for general information only. It is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. The information contained in a Review by a Verified Purchaser is not approved by us. Views and opinions expressed in Reviews do not represent our views or values. Any use or reliance on the Reviews is solely at your own risk. As you will see below in the ‘Acceptable use policy’ section, we may remove certain reviews. While, we do not select, endorse or approve Reviews, we do not allow Reviews or comments which can be linked to an individual and which do not directly relate to the goods or services purchased by a Verified User. This may be, for example, if the comments in a Review are offensive or inflammatory to a particular identifiable individual, whether directly or indirectly. Please reference our Content Policy for more information

We are not liable for any Reviews, including for any errors or omissions in the information contained in a Review. As such we do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, integrity, reliability, adequacy, efficacy, applicability, completeness, timeliness, currency or quality of such Reviews.

Acceptable use policy

Whenever you or a Verified Purchaser submits a review, you must comply with the content standards set out in our Content Policy

You warrant that any Reviews submitted comply with those standards and these Review Terms and Guidelines, and you will be liable to us and reimburse use for any breach of this warranty. This means you will be responsible for any loss or damage we suffer as a result of your breach of warranty.

Reviews submitted must relate to the products and/or services you have purchased from  the Partner. You must not identify any individual, whether directly or indirectly, unless this is solely in relation to the products and/or services you have purchased.

We have the right to remove any Reviews you provided to us if, in our opinion, your Review does not comply with the content standards set out in our Acceptable Use Policy or these Review Terms and Guidelines.

What happens once you submit your review?

Once you submit your review, providing that the review does not contravene our Content Policy or these Review Terms and Guidelines, e.g. it is not obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory; it will be published on the Platforms.

Rights you are giving us to use submitted Reviews

Any content you upload to DriverReviews is non-confidential, non-proprietary and will be our property to use as we see fit. When you post a Review, you understand that we are free to use the Review for any purposes free of charge and that we may (free of charge to us):

- Include the Review on our platforms and the websites/Platforms of our Partners or group companies worldwide

- Allow the Review to be used by third parties (anonymously) on their websites/platforms, worldwide;

- Use the Review in any marketing or promotional material, including material on any platform or ours, our Partners and/or group companies, in television advertisements and in publications, such as press releases; and

- Translate the Review into other languages.

By submitting your Review, you agree that you will not object to our use of your Review, as set out above and you will not use or re-publish the Review (or any part of it) in any other place, online or otherwise.

If any third party claims that any content posted or uploaded by you to our site constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights, or of their right to privacy, we may disclose your identity to the third party.

Changes to our Review Terms and Guidelines

We may change our policy from time to time. Any changes we make to this policy in the future will be posted on this page. 

Date: [01.05.2023]